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preservation of a piece of history

This magnificent Charles R. Selmi painting, in acrylic, is 8 ft. by 4 ft. in size and was on display at the now razed Cranmore Indoor Racquet Club for over twenty years.   It is a unique landscape scene of the original Mt. Cranmore Tennis Stadium which was exclusively built for the Volvo International Tennis Tournaments 1973 to 1984.  


The painting is currently in storage waiting for a home to be determined and hopefully to be on display in a community available space.   Contact the Jackson Tennis Club if of interest.  


JTC history - founded in1968

The official Jackson Tennis Club began as a sub-division of the Jackson Ski and Outing Club.  JSOC utilized the tennis court behind the Hawthorne Inn during the 50s and 60s, which burned down in the seventies and now where the River Wood Inn resides in Jackson Village, by the covered bridge.  JSOC created a Tennis Division June 13, 1968.   John B. Pepper organized support for the Jackson Tennis Club to become seperate from JSOC and with exclusive help of financial support from the founding members to construct the two red clay tennis courts built in 1969.  JSOC good name and good offices allowed the Tennis Division to borrow
money to buy the land and build the courts.. Subsequently in 1968 Robert W. and Carlene Owen sold the two acres where JTC courts exists today to Jackson Associates and in turn Jackson Associates deeded the land to JSOC.  Members of the Tennis Div. also paid significant Initiation Fees as well as dues to get the courts and facilities built. Title to land and facilities was conveyed, without any monetaryconsideration, to the newly formed Jackson Tennis Club in Sept of 73.  In the `73/`74 time frame all the debts were paid.  September 29, 1973 Jackson Tennis Club was incorporated as a non profit in the State of NH and in 1974 JSOC transferred the title of the land to JTC.   In 1987 JTC Inc. was incorporated again with the State of NH with new bylaws because the 1973 incorporation was administartively dissolved, by negligence.  Since 1987 JTC has been operated as a non profit with no debt.  


There was an earlier version of the Jackson Tennis Club going back to the 1930s but detailed information about this early era is difficult to find.  There were clay tennis courts as part of the Iron Mountain house on Rt 16, where the Red Fox restaurant is today.   It seems that substantial multi day tournaments were held there.  Here are some random photos found during these times...


Below is the original documents defining today's Jackson Tennis Club starting in 1966, incorporating in 1973, receiving the land in 1974, and re stating and incorporating in 1987.  


John Pepper rallys the community to form the Jackson Tennis Club and spin it out from Jackson Ski and Outing Club as a seperate entity, while raising funds to build JTC's own courts.



JTC Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State New Hampshire
1987 Articles of Incorporation.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [309.0 KB]






Vintage photos of our members & Past

Robin Kosstrin & Bob Yanuck circa 2000 long time members and local business R&R Woodworking manufacturer of authentic beautiful crafter cedar Adirondack chairs, contributing several to the JTC Clubhouse porch.

..is the year 2000 considered vintage now?  





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