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2022 TOURNAMENTS                                                                      

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September 17th - Fall Member Scramble
                        24 max / 2 Subs,   9AM - 2PM
All tourneys members get priority… non members invited only if not enough members sign-up. Sign-ups through CourtReserve with exception of JTC / Bridgton challenge.

2022 August 20th 6th annual challenge cup vs Bridgton Highlands Maine results

Congratulations Jackson Tennis Club  for winning the 6th annual Challenge Cup against Bridgton Highlands Maine Tennis Club August 20th....
Mens Doubles Teams:  Jason Cicero & John Tanzman, Mike Mallet & Mark Guerringue, Nubi Duncan & Thomas Tran
Womens Doubles Teams: Bridget Herlihy & Carolyn Wachnicki, Gail Costello & Maureen Enos, Paula Noonan & Diana Doylle
Mixed Doubles Teams: Janett Leavitt & Jeremy Angell, Alena McDonough & Tom McDonough, Fiona Tracey & Vic Hall
Pictured here is Justin Chafee, Coach/Pro of BH,  presenting the coveted Challenge Cup to JTC again, 2 years in a row.  Since the founding of the Challenge Cup JTC and Bridgton Highlands are now tied for 3 cups each after 6 years.  The Cup now remains at the JTC Clubhouse for 2022.  As a result the Challenge Cup Tournament for 2023 will be  held again at JTC.
However, this tournament win could have gone either way!!! 
It was so close, see the detailed results below.  Matches were determined by the winners of 2 out of 3 sets, the third set if played being a 10 point tie breaker....and there were several.  Highlighted are Mens Team No. 2 Mark and Mike loosing in a heart breaker 12-10 in the third set after winning the first set 6-0.  That was a tough loss.   But offsetting that was Womens Team No. 1 Bridget and Carolyn winning their match 12-10 third set tie breaker with a squeak it out sweet win. 
8 of the 9 matches were done and the JTC vs BH score was 4 to 4 when the intense final match started between Mens No. 1 teams John Tanzman & Jason Cicero vs Bridgton's Joe and Parker as the audience of 30 watched and cheered on.   All the marbles now rested in the tennis grips of John and Jason.  They won the first set cleanly.  The second set was tight getting to 6-6 so a 7 point tie breaker needed.   The battle was amazing.  There was one point where Joe and Parker overhead slammed 3 times as John T somehow lobbed back each one only to succumb to a cross court point drive by Parker and Tanzman tucked and rolled diving to get it and lost the point.  However the final nail in the match coffin was driven by Jason to win the tie breaker and thus win the match and win the tournament.  Can I say....HEROs?!
JTC is so fortunate to have such a competitive advisory in Bridgton led by Coach Pro Justin Chaffee.   What a great team but we are so happy to claim the win, which made the win even more exciting. 
Jackson Tennis looks forward to 2023 to play it again on our turf/red clay.  Thank you JTC members  for your support and strong efforts for a fun fun challenge cup in 2022.
Also much special thanks to our coach and tournament director John Tanzman for orchestrating strategically our teams and running a very smooth tournament with no gliches. John even provided the Coors Banquet at the end! 
Have to give credit to the JTC hospitality burgers cook out which everyone enjoyed....special thanks to Judi Crofts for buying all the delicious food and extra thanks to Paul Pacenka slaving over the hot grill to ensure everyone was satisfied with their juicy burger.  
The Matches Results:
Men's Doubles:
No. 1  Teams
    BH:  Joe/Parker.   vs JTC Jason/John T
    JTC Wins.     6-4,  7-6
No. 2  Teams
    BH:  Dave/Jeremy.  vs. JTC. Mike M./Mark G.
     BH Wins:     0-6,  7-5,  12-10
No. 3 Teams
     BH:   Rick / Ryan.  vs JTC. Nubi D. / Thomas T.a
     JTC Wins:    6-0,  6-3
Womens Doubles:
No. 1 Teams:
      BH:   Carol / Makita. vs. JTC:  Bridget / Carolyn W
      JTC Wins:   6-2,  3-6,  12-10
No. 2 Teams:
       BH:   Sheri / Ana. vs. JTC Gail C./Maureen E.
       BH WIns:   6-4, 6-2
No 3 Teams:
        BH:   Phoebe/Kathryn vs JTC Paula N./Diana
        BH Wins:  6-4, 6-0
Mixed Doubles:
No. 1 Teams
         BH:  John /. Jill. vs JTC: Janet  L. / Jeremy A.
         JTC Wins:  7-5, 6-2
No. 2 Teams
         BH:  Henry / Pauline vs JTC Tom Mc./ Alena Mc.
         JTC Wins:  6-3,  6-4
No. 3 Teams
         BH:  Art / Mary J.(double agent)  vs Fiona T/Vic H
         BH WIns:   6-3, 6-4. ....note:  Mary needs to be on JTC in 2023
Final Matches Tally::   JTC 5,  BH 4

2022 July 23rd -  4th annual vintage mixed doubles tournament -  Results

The annual vintage tournament held this year July 23rd was a smashing success and ton of fun.
Teams played one game per set with a wooden racquet. All were dressed in Wimbledon whites.
This year's champions were Bob Yanuck and Carolyn Wachnicki. Second place went to Steve Piotrow and Nancy Osbourne. Third place and winner of the consolation bracket were John Tanzman and Susan MacIver.
Best dressed awards went to Nancy Osbourne who wore a Kay Hubbell authentic dress and Scott Kaplan with his John McEnroe look.
 The Vintage Players:  Kevin & Rachael Haded, Gregg and Amy Maloberti, Tim Vinson, Barbara Bammarito, Kirk Plender, Terry Butler, Fiona Treacy, Lynda Schuepp aka Tracy Austin, Frank Murphy, Nancy Osborne aka Kay Hubbell,  Dan Armstrong, Susan MacIver, Steve Piotrow, Carolyn Wachnichi, Michelle Phillips, George Lemerise, Bob Yanuck, Mike Brophy & Alena McDonough, John Tanzman & Bridget Herlihy, Paula Noonan, Diana Doyle.  Missing in photo Scott Kaplan, Paul Schuepp.

2022 June 5th -  Spring scramble Tournament

The annual Spring scramble was held of Sunday June 5th resulting of a rainout reschedule from June 4. Winning doubles team was Jeanne Hayes and Maureen Enos. Runner up team was Bridget Herlihy and Susan Kent. 3rd place team was Doug McQuade and Paul Schuepp


JTC had a great tournament season in 2021. Here is a summary of the results:

Sept 11 -  Fall scramble

The appreciated beautiful day was started with a remembrance
of a day of infamy we will never forget Sept 11, 2001.

We ended this season with a great fun scramble on 

a perfect weather day.   Tennis play will go on at JTC deep 
into October but the last tournament of our four 
tournament summer was fitting to be a very social and lively
play of doubles matches.
Many thanks to John Tanzman. our Tournament Director who
once again dedicated his day to ensuring the JTC players
have some varied competition and a lot of fun, as he did
for the opening year scramble, the mixed doubles tournament,
the Challenge Cup and the mens womens doubles.
The skillful players of the day who won the final match set
were a nicely matched couple Scott Kaplan and Alena McDonough.
 Taking second place today was a dynamic duo (or trio?) 
 Laurie Gabriel and Alli Hefferan.
By the time the final match was played out our participants
were able to devour 24 burgers and even a few beers.  Thanks
to Joanne Green bringing the salads and others too many
to mention who  brought pasties, brownies and cookies ...all very appreciated.
Yes, after some vigorous play on the courts, comfort food
was a great finish.
The scramble format was a hit and we are sure will continue 
next year on the tournament list.  



aug 21 -  the challenge cup

JTC won the annual Challenge Cup tournament between JTC and Bridgton Highlands Tennis Club at Bridgton Maine!  A Mens, Womens, and Mixed tournament with A, B and C teams in each category.  The cup now returns to its rightful place on the JTC clubhouse mantel until next year.  JTC won 5 matches to 4 over Bridgton....a very close competition.   John Tanzam and  Jason Cicero mens was the deciding match for JTC.  

JTC wins 5 matches to 4:


1. Carol Kelley/Mikita Orsoz 6-0, 6-2 over Gail and Lorraine
2. Anna Romer/Phoebe Smith 6-3, 6-4 over Diana and Sue M
3. Lynn Fusco/Megan Goldsmith 6-1, 6-1 over Julie ad Susan K
Mixed Doubles 
1. Bridget and Mike M over Mary Johnson/Henry Coons 6-2, 6-2 
2. Mark G and Janet L over Kathy Brown/Art Goldsmith 6-1, 6-2
3. Tom and Alena over Kathy Brown/Mike Fusco 6-2, 6-1
Men’s Doubles
1. John and Jason over Joe Twer/David Chaffee 7-6, 7-5
2. Nubi and Jeremy over Jose Azel/John Russell 6-2, 6-3
3. Rick Siegrist/Chuck Wilcoxen over Paul and Daryl 6-2, 6-0 

Aug 14 Mens womens doubles guest tournament

We had another beautiful day and a great turnout for our third tournament of the year. This time it was men's and women's open doubles with 9 women's team and 6 men's team competing. 
The men kicked off the day with two 3 team flights competing in a round robin competition. Joe Twer and John Waldie won their flight and then defeated the other flight winners Bob Yanuck and John Tanzman in the finals. Mark Guerringue and Mike Mallet took third place with a victory over Dave Chaffee and John Russell. 
The women's tournament saw a number of very competitive matches. Flight winners were Alena McDonough and Sue MacIver, Bridget Herlihy and Laurie Gabriel and Carolyn Wachnicki and Judy Teehan. Bridget and Laurie won in the finals over Alena and Sue, while Carolyn and Judy had an amazing comeback against Lorraine Dokas and Diana Doyle to capture third place.
The day got off to a rocky start with the net post on court 1 giving way. Thanks to some ingenuity by Paul Pacenka and John Russell we were able to keep play moving with a truck holding the post up throughout the day. 
Thanks to everyone that participated and helped make this a great day. A number of the players brought food with them and everyone involved seemed to pitch in somehow, support the players and have a great time.
Special thanks to Laurie for offering up her court so we could keep the tournament moving along and to Paul Packenka (with some help from Joe Twer) for taking care of the grill. 

3rd annual mixed doubles vintage tournament

2021 3rd Annual doubles scramble was a crowd pleaser!

With full participation of 24 competitors, our opening season tournament of a mixed doubles
scramble was great fun and had plenty of competitive play by all.  Tournament Director John Tanzman 
set up a great mix of matches.  We witnessed some great games that had the crowd
applauding.  And our tournament tradition of delicious burgers seemed to be the real
draw to this very social JTC event, thanks to grill chef Bill Pruschinski.  
The finals brought on the top four highest point scorers of Bob Yanuck and Anne Pillion versus
Hadley Champlain and Frank Murphy.  It was exciting to see couple Anne and Hadley play 
against each other.  The level of tennis went up a notch.....but "gets everything" Bob and Anne
prevailed as the Scramble Winners for 2021.  Congratulations.
Also presented was Carolyn Wachnicki's beautiful framing of the 1981 water color print of the 
crowd at the Volvo International Tournament, Mt. Cranmore Tennis Club Stadium where Ivan Lendl lost in the finals against Jose-Luis Clerc now on display in the JTC Clubhouse tennis museum.  The print
was donated to JTC by Stan and Dan's Sports North Conway.  Stan and Dans was a sponsor
of the Volvo tournament from 1974 to 1984 and Stan was a linesman at the time.  Stan and Dans
gives JTC members a 20% discount on tennis equipment.

The 2020 covid-19 season of JTC tournaments has come to an end.  Here are the memories:

2020 2nd Annual doubles scramble

On Sunday Sept 13 we had a field of 24 players on a beautiful beginning of fall day.  Everyone played 4 rounds of 4 game sets.  The top 8 in number of games played in a playoff.  
First place team accepting the coveted JTC glass mugs ?were Bridget Herlihy and Diana Doyle. 
The best part was that all players got to play with a different randomly picked doubles
partner for each of the 4 rounds, making for a very fast moving, varied and challenging
tennis and social experience.
Thank you again to John Tanzman for the idea, the coordinating and setting up this 2nd annual 
scramble tournament.   Thanks to the great food providers.... Judy Crofts getting us
morning coffee,  ample delicious burgers with trappings and cookies,  Lorraine Dokas for also amazing cookies,  
Nancy and Bill Watts for crazy good desserts, Paul S. got the beer (yea!),  and OMG Deb White
bringing an awesome chacuterie board.  And of course Paul Pacenka custom cooking
to order the burgers.  Thank you to everyone attending and making it a fun event...the 
tennis watching was as good as playing. 

2020 jtc vs bridgton highlands annual challenge

Congratulations to Bridgton Highlands winning the 4th held Challenge Cup.   
Bridgton took the final two matches this morning thus scoring 6 matches versus Jackson total of 3.  
The last matched played was a womens doubles nail bitter.... Bridgton's Carol Kelley/Mikita Orsoz team
defeated  Jackson's Carolyn Wachnicki / Alena McDonough in a come from behind tie breaker 3rd set 12-10!!
Paul Schuepp passed the Challenge Cup trophy back to Justin Chaffee, Tennis Director of BH, where it will reside until the next Challenge in 2021.  
The 9 matches, 3 womens teams, 3 mens teams and 3 mixed teams, provided very competitive tennis which was exciting to watch.  Spectator turn out and camaraderie was strong from both sides for all matches spread over 4 days due to the rain out when the tournament started last Saturday.
Thank you Bridgton Highlands teams and Justin Chaffee for great competition and fun.  Thanks to the Jackson Tennis Club teams for fierce play and efforts putting on a good show and thanks to John Tanzman for coordination of JTC.
Next year the Challenge will be held at Bridgton.  
JTC will be back!
Final Tournament Results:   Bridgton 6. Jackson 3 
MENS: JC 2, BH: 1
Jeremy Muench/Jose Azel (BH) def.  Mike Mallet / Mark Guerringue (JC)  
Jason Cicero / Kent Hemingway (JC) def. Michael Coleman/John Russell (BH) 
Bob Yanuck / Tom McDonough (JC) def. Rick Siegrist/Dave Bernier (BH) 
WOMEN:   JC 0,  BH 3 
Carol Kelley/Mikita Orsoz (BH) def. Carolyn Wachnicki / Alena McDonough (JC)
Anna Romer/Sherri Bernier (BH) def. Diana Doyle/Lorraine Dokas (JC) 
Lynn Fusco/Phoebe Smith (BH) def. Paula Hart / Susan Kent (JC) 
MIXED:   JC 1,  BH 2
Bridget Hurlihy / John Tanzman (JC) def. Mary Johnson/John Waldie (BH) 
David Chaffee/Christine Rothman (BH) def.  Judi Crofts / Paul Pacenka (JC)
Bev Chalmers/Jack Youngelston (BH) def Hadley Champlain / Peter Benson (JC)

2020 Vintage Tournament July 25th results..

Our now annual Vintage Tournament was a wonderful JTC event yesterday on a beautiful July day with 12 mixed doubles teams participating. 
The competition was fierce thanks to the pair ups and including a consolation bracket arranged by our tournament committee leader John Tanzman.  
The matches were even more interesting as each player was required to use a vintage wooden racquet for at least one game within each set played.
This years' champions were Bridget Hurlihy and Evan Hurlihy receiving the coveted JTC glass beer mugs.  
Note President Schuepp not shaking hands but rather giving a congratulatory elbow bump.
Almost as much fun as the tennis competition was the gala of vintage and whites fashion
from all teams.  The members were really in the spirit of culture and history that tennis
came from, especially here in the Valley going back to the Cranmore International Volvo
Special recognition was given for classic tennis outfits well done to Scott Kaplan as John McEnroe with 
authentic hair do, Carolyn Wachnicki in classic Sergio Tacchini, John Campbell as Bjorn Borg Fila
outfit using Borg racquet, Judi Crofts with an actual 37 year old beautiful pleated silk Chrissy 
Evert skirt, and Danielle Kastrati in class white elegant dress:

2019 tournaments 

2019 was a great season of fun tournaments including the June Scramble, the July Vintage Tournament, the August Mens and Womens Doubles, and the September Doubles Championships.  JTC doubles teams also won the Bridgton Highland vs Jackson Cup Challenge this year.

August 10th  -  Mens and Womens Doubles Member Member, Member Guest Tournament  RESULTS...

4 teams for Men
   Steve Pietrow and Jason Cicero Guest
   Paul Schuepp and Bob Barnesky
   Aleks Lazarev and Michael Costa
   Bob Yanuck and Arash Mostafi
4 teams for Women
    Judy Crofts and Joan Pearson Guest
    Carren Webber and Leanne Campbell Guest
    Diana Doyle and Lorraine Dokas
    Margie McLellan and Julie Conlon
Round Robin format....results... the champs are...
     MEN:  Steve Piotrow and Jason Cicero
     WOMEN:  Diana Doyle and Lorraine Dokas
Congratulations.... great time, some really good tennis!

JULY 28th -  1st Annual Vintage Mixed Doubles Member Guest Tournament -  RESULTS...


1st Place:   Bridget Herlihy and John Tanzman

2nd Place:   Steve Piotrow and Judi Crofts
3rd Place:   Diana Doyle and David Chaffee

Best Vintage Outfit...  Judi Crofts

June  29th -  Scramble Tournament Results 


Champions:   Steve Piotrow and JJ Green

Runners Up:   Bridget Herlihy and Fiona Treacy

2018 tournaments

August 19th - 2nd Annual Bridgton Highlands & Jackson Club Tennis Tournament 

JTC lost 5 to 4 matches against BHT... it was close.  BHT retains the trophy.
Thanks to some help from friends of JTC to join the membership in this battle.  
I think we are well positioned  to take BHT next year, but Congratulations to Bridgton for 2018.
Mixed Doubles:   JTC Wins 2,   BHT Wins 1
Jim DiTrollo/Leanne Campbell vs Larry Mitkus/Patricia Mitkus
      JTC Win
Dave Chaffee/Terry Butler vs Chris Siegrist/Rick Siegrist
      BHT Win   6-4, 6-4
Grey Maloberti/Amy Maloberti vs Jerry Heart/Danielle Rowland
      JHT Win   7-5, 4-6 (10-7)
Mens Doubles:   JTC Wins 2, BHT Wins 1
Jim DiTrollo/Graham Brown vs Alan Souza/Greg Roberts
     JTC Win  6-0, 6-0
Paul Pacenko/Eric Schandor vs Jose Azel/Paul Romer
     BHT Win 6-0, 6-2
Bob Yanuck/JJ Green vs Jeff Rydman/David Chaffee
     JTC Win  6-4, 6-3
Ladies Doubles:   JTC Wins 0 , BHT Wins 3
Diana Doyle/Leanne Campbell vs Anna Romer/Kathy Brown
      BHT Win:  6-2, 6-4
Alena McDonoguh/Margie McLellan vs Sherri Bernier/Carol Kelley
      BHT Win:  6-2, 6-4
Robin Kosstrin/Joanne Green vs BeverlyChalmers/Kathyt Souza
      BHT Win:  6-0, 6-1


Aug 5th,  2018 - Members Guests Doubles Mens and Mixed Tournament Results:

           Mens        First Place         Mike Anderson & Paul Schuepp

                             Runners Up       Al Griffin & Joe Allis

           Mixed      First Place         Leanne DiTrolio & Rick Siegrist

                             Runners Up       Sooji & Paul Schuepp

July 21, 2018 - Members Doubles Mens Womens Tournament

           Mens        First Place         Steve Pietrow, Bob Barnesky

                             Runners Up       Jim Egan, Mike Brophy

           Womens First Place         Margie McLellan, Julie Conlon

                             Runners Up       Robin Kosstrin,  Maryann Selling


June 16th -  Doubles Member Guest Tournamet - Mixed, Womens, Mens Results

            Mens:       First Place         Steve Pietrow, Bob Yanuck

                               Runner Up        Tom McDonough, David Chaffee

            Womens: First Place         Diana Doyle, Allie Hefferan

                               Runner Up         Mauran Soraghan, Andrea Murphy

             Mixed:      First Place         Terry Butler, Michael Anderson

                               Runner Up          Allie Hefferan, Joe Allis

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